Khudu Mammadov is a great scientist of Azerbaijan. Once he said “In order to make your voice to be heard in the future, appeal to the youth”. So as to make our voice to reach to the future, as 21st- century Azerbaijani youth, we appealed to the youth.

We had an organization- The National Idea Center. We were organizing several schools, such as “Diplomacy School”, “Photography Scchool”, “Leadership School”, and internship programs. As part of this organization there were operating “I demand” the women's movement - under the self- governance of women and under the slogan “Supreme society is built at the request of women”, and online newspaper - a tribune for youth, that allows anyone to write news stories or ideas through civic journalism.

Our Psychology Center was conducting surveys related to the social, psychological situation in society, and was helding free seminars. Of course, we also had book publications - the "Kitabistan", which always gives us opportunities to learn world experiences, and introduces society an alternative view. We were holding events and seminars every week. We do not want to talk much about it, if you are interested in there are plenty of informational resources and it is enough to research about our activity.

But, if I tell you that we did all these with our internal resources and without any support from international organizations and our government, would you believe me ?! You would not! We would like to thank to Mr. Shahriyar Majidzadeh, who brought us together to accomplish all of these, allowing the young people with the most different ideas to work together in the way of enlightenment.