About Us

Kitabistan is a research center that was founded in Azerbaijan in 2016 by Shahriyar Majidzadeh and Malak Hajiyeva. The organization's main objectives are to translate and publish books on topics of rule of law, gender equality, peace, innovations, and human values as a whole into Azerbaijani; conduct research and surveys on development models of the developed countries and societies; interview ambassadors of Western countries in Azerbaijan about the development models of their country; interview directors of a number of world-renowned foundations and institutions operating in the field of peace, democracy, gender, human rights, etc., and professors of foreign universities; as well as organizes conferences - KITABISTAN TALKS - by inviting foreign specialists to Azerbaijan.

Our aim is to introduce human values through research, interviews, conferences, and book translations to the Azerbaijani public. We strive to provide solutions to societal problems by presenting successful models and practices. We emphasize the significant role of women in society's development and involve them in building a better society. Additionally, we work to educate young people and to create an incentive for positive development in society.


Kitabistan means Book Country and every reader of this imaginary country is our citizen. Books that do not serve humanity, that incite national, racial, and gender discrimination among people, and that promote violence and aggression are not allowed in our country. The primary objective of our country is to establish peace, reconciliation, dialogue, and consensus among people, and build an intercultural bridge, to present the economic, social, educational, political, and other experiences of different countries to the country we live in. Our country's main motto is "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity" (Liberté, égalité, fraternité), which we adopted from France and we govern our imaginary country with the principles of direct democracy, which we learned from Switzerland. Like Abraham Lincoln, we oppose any form of slavery that one person can impose on another. We are absolutely against responding to violence with violence - just as Mahatma Gandhi did. We believe in acknowledging the freedom of speech for all, including our opponents, as Mahammad Amin Rasulzade did. Just like Mandela, we want to see a consensus in our society, and like Snelman, we are ready to spread all these ideas throughout the country. Kitabistan serves its readers by introducing alternative ideas and all the positive experiences of the world.

Kitabistan regulates its activities according to UN Sustainable Development Goals 4, 5, 16 and 17.

Kitabistan's sustainable development goals - 4
Kitabistan's sustainable development goals - 5
Kitabistan's sustainable development goals - 16
Kitabistan's sustainable development goals - 17