Kitabistan became "EU Read" member.

"There should be no boundaries for the promotion of reading"
article about 'Kitabistan became "EU Read" member.' and '"There should be no boundaries for the promotion of reading"'

Since September 9th, Kitabistan became a member of the "EU Read" international network, which promotes reading in wider Europe.

"EU Read" is a network of organizations from 22 European countries that combat illiteracy, promote reading, and strive to educate their communities through various programs and projects. The aim of this leading network is to exchange knowledge, experience, and concepts and to jointly develop new strategies for the promotion of reading. For this purpose, the members of "EU Read" regularly work together to exchange knowledge, experience and concepts and to promote reading at the local and European level. As research is an important aspect of promoting reading, EU Read members share results and reports of their research with each other.

Shahriyar Majidzade, co-founder of Kitabistan, shared his opinion about Kitabistan's EU Read membership:

"As is known, Kitabistan operates in the field of enlightenment. We publish books based on human values and also encourage reading. I believe that there should be no boundaries for the promotion of science, research and reading. Therefore, it is important for us to be accepted as a member of "EU Read", which promotes reading in Europe. As mentioned in the concept of Kitabistan, intercultural dialogue is one of our main goals. I think that the prospect of cooperation between Kitabistan and other members of "EU Read" will further increase the efficiency of our activities. We are always open to cooperation in the direction of culture, research and exchange of experience"

Malak Hajiyeva, co-founder of Kitabistan, stated the following:

"EU Read" carries out research and projects to increase literacy and to promote reading. This overlaps with the activities of Kitabistan. Now we will have opportunities to collaborate with partners from 22 European countries. I think this is also a good opportunity to learn about the experiences of each of these countries and share our own experiences with them too. By becoming a member of "EU Read", Kitabistan intends to contribute to the enlightenment activities not only in Azerbaijan but also in other countries that need books and knowledge. We consider it important to contribute to increasing literacy and promoting reading in cooperation with partners working for the same goals."

It should be noted that in addition to translating and publishing books, Kitabistan also prepares research films, conducts interviews and social surveys to present the development models of different countries and organizes academic conferences within the framework of the "KITABISTAN TALKS" project.