Prof. Henrik Meinander

Kitabıstanın Fəxri Vətəndaşı

Professor Henrik Meinander's book "History of Finland", first published in Swedish in 2006, was translated into Azerbaijani by Kitabistan in 2022.

Prof. Henrik Meinander was named an Honorary Citizen of Kitabistan on December 20, 2022, for his contribution to historiography through the method of transforming historical events into an understandable literary story and his innovative approach.


Henrik Meinander is a Finnish historian, researching Scandinavian and mainly Finnish history, member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (since 2002), chairman of the Society of Swedish Literature in Finland, professor at the University of Helsinki.

Prof. Meinander received his higher education at the University of Helsinki and defended his two dissertations (1984, 1994) at this university.

The topic of both dissertations is related to the history of Finland and Scandinavia.